The following core rules Powers are not available for Spell Purchase:
     • Banish, Divination, Drain Power Points, Fly, Greater Healing, Growth/Shrink, Intangibility, Teleport,
        Shape Change, Smite, Summon Ally, Zombie

Trappings for spells can include: Fire, Ice, Electricity, Earth and Acid.

Spells usually manipulate Mana and only affect living creatures. Spells with (P) after their names also affect Physical objects. Mana only spells can be purchased as Physical spells for an additional 1 PP. Illusion-type spells only fool technological sensors if they are Physical spells.

Novice Spells

Power Cost Power Cost Power Cost Power Cost
Armor (P) 2 Beast Friend 3 Blind 2 Bolt 1
Boost Trait 2 Lower Trait 2 Burrow (P) 3 Burst 2
Confusion 1 Darksight 1 Deflection (P) 2 Detect Arcana 2
Conceal Arcana 2 Elemental Manip. (P) 1 Entangle (P) 2 Enviro. Protection (P) 2
Fear 2 Healing 3 Light (P) 2 Obscure (P) 2
Mind Reading 3 Speak Language 1 Speed 1 Stun 2
Succor 1 Wall Walker (P) 2

Seasoned Spells

Power Cost Power Cost Power Cost Power Cost
Barrier 1 Blast 2 Damage Field 4 Disguise 3
Dispel 3 Farsight 3 Havoc 2 Invisibility 5
Pummel 2 Quickness 4 Slow 1 Slumber 2
Telekinesis (P) 5 Warrior’s Gift 4

Veteran Spells

Power Cost Power Cost Power Cost Power Cost
Puppet 3

Casting Spells

Spells are cast much like in the core Savage Worlds book. Heroes make a Sorcery check, applying a penalty equal to their Essence score + the PP cost of any sustained spells. Once the spell is cast, the hero must make a Drain check.

Drain occurs after casting a spell and requires no action. The hero must makes a Smarts roll with a penalty equal to the Power Point cost of the spell being cast (the casting cost not the purchase cost) + Essence score. On a success, there is no effect. On a failure the hero suffers a level of Fatigue. If both the Smarts die and Wild die are 1, the caster suffers a level of Fatigue and a Wound.

Spells can be sustained as outlined in the Core Book. The Power Point cost of sustaining is applied as a penalty to other Sorcery and Drain tests.

Sustained spells can be Disrupted as outlined in the Core Rules. Essence score but not sustained spell penalties apply to the Sorcery/Smarts check.

Backlash can occur as described in the Core Rules.


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