Addiction (Minor or Major)

     Your hero is dependent on regular access to alcohol, drugs, BTL chips, or a similar substance with detrimental effects on the character’s health (note that nicotine, caffeine, and sugar do not count).
     As a Minor hindrance, the hero requires a hit of the substance at least every day or two. If the addict goes without the substance for more than 48 hours, he takes a -1 penalty to all checks until a dose is taken.
     As a Major hindrance, the hero requires a hit of the substance several times per day. If the addict goes more than 6 hours without the substance, he receives a -2 penalty to all checks and must succeed on a Spirit check (with the same penalty) or take any opportunity to get the substance if it is available or even suggested.

Combat Paralysis (Major)

     Your hero has experienced some past trauma or violent episode and tends to freeze when conflicts become physical.
     The hero begins the first round of combat already Shaken. This condition can be removed normally by spending a benny, or by making a successful Spirit check during his turn.

Dependents (Minor or Major)

     The hero has a loved one who depends on her for support and aid from time to time. Dependents may include children, parents, a spouse, a sibling, or an old friend. Meeting the needs of a dependent should take up a fair amount of time, as well as some of the hero’s money. The dependent should also be a hindrance in other ways – getting underfoot, sharing living space, involving herself in the character’s affairs, borrowing the car, calling at the most inappropriate moment, etc.
     As a Minor hindrance, the dependent is an occasional nuisance, dropping in on the character unexpectedly, demanding time, friendship, and occasionally money. Examples: slacker sibling, long-term boyfriend.
     As a Major hindrance, the dependent is close family or a life partner and lives with the character. The dependent is a regular and demanding strain on the character’s time, resources, and availability, and/or requires special care and vigilance detracting from the character’s professional responsibilities. Examples: large family, elderly parent, ailing grandparent.

Glitched (Minor or Major)

     Your body has poor response to augmentations and bio/cyberware is much more prone to fail than in others. If it can go wrong, it will.
     As a Minor hindrance, Glitched results in a -1 penalty to Essence checks, while a Major hindrance gives a -2 penalty. This penalty does not apply to Magic checks involving Essence.

Spirit Bane (Minor or Major)

     Your hero’s aura has a quality that really torques off a certain type of spirit. Affected spirits are likely to harass the character when he is in their presence and they may be reluctant to obey or perform favors for the character or his friends. If ordered to attack a party that includes the character, these spirits will single the character out first in an attempt to destroy him.
     As a Minor hindrance, only one type of spirit reacts to the hero in this manner (eg: Fire Elementals, or Spirits of Man). As a Major hindrance, the hero is offensive to an entire class of spirit (eg: Elementals or Nature Spirits).


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