Changed Edges

Edges not used

  • Noble
  • New Spell, Rapid Recharge, Improved Rapid Recharge, Soul Drain
  • Champion, Gadgeteer, Holy/Unholy Warrior, Mentalist, Wizard

Hindrances not used

  • Doubting Thomas

Altered Edges

  • Rich: start with 7500¥ at character creation, 10000¥ monthly income
    • Filthy Rich: start with 12500¥ at character creation, 40000¥ monthly income
  • Power Points: gain 5 PP to acquire new spells or adept powers
  • Thief: Modern stealing requires computer skills: Add Hacking d6+ to requirements and +2 bonus to Hacking rolls
  • Connections: This edge is broader and does not require a specific group or organization to be specified. Once per session, the hero can call on a previously defined friend, or create a new connection as needed. When the edge is taken multiple times, increase the number of uses by one per session.

Altered Hindrances

  • All Thumbs: this is a Major hindrance in the 6th world.

Changed Edges

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