F&$k yeah, life is tough in the Barrens. No jobs, no nuyen, no hope. Kids born here don’t get no fancy education or health care. There ain’t no ‘recreation programs’ or ‘after school care’. They’re lucky if they get fed once a day and don’t get the crap beat outta them by their parents.

Gangbangin’ is just a way of life here. You don’t take what you need, someone else is going to take from you. You don’t have chummers to back you up, you’re gonna get shot in the back for less than nothin’. Only the gangs give you a chance to make something outta this fragged up life, and if you want to last in the Barrens, you better understand The Code.

• Don’t talk to the Star.
• The Law isn’t there to help you.
• The gang is your family.
• Everything else is prey.
• You can never have too many bullets.
• If you didn’t fight for it, it isn’t yours.
• If you won’t fight for it, you don’t deserve it.
• Always back up your chummers.
• Always fight for your ‘hood.
• There’s always a bigger dog ready to bite you.

Misspent Youth

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