Combat Basics

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Deal: Deal 1 card to each player. Take turns in bridge order. Shuffle after a Joker is dealt.

Joker: Character can go any time, even interrupt another’s turn. +2 to Trait and Damage rolls.

Hold: Players can “Hold” and go later. Agility test to interrupt. Shaken cancels Hold status.

Surprise: Ambushers start on Hold. Defenders make Notice check to get an initiative card.

Trait Tests

Wild Die: Players get an extra d6 Wild Die on all Trait rolls.

Roll: Roll attribute or skill die and Wild die. Take highest result and add any bonus or penalty.

Target Number (TN): Normally 4 or higher succeeds. On opposed rolls, ties are ties.

Aces: Dice in Trait and Damage rolls that roll a maximum value explode.

Raises: Each multiple of 4 over the Target Number = 1 raise.

Unskilled: Without a skill, a player can roll d4-2 if permitted.

Assistance: Helpers add +1 for each success or raise. Max +4 except Strength. No unskilled.

Bennies: Spend 1 benny to re-roll and take the higher result. May be repeated.


Actions: Each round, a character may move their Pace and perform 1 action.
Extra actions may be performed but each gives -2 to all.

Melee Attack: Fighting, TN = opponent’s Parry. A Raise gives +1d6 damage.

Ranged Attack: Shooting, TN=4. -2 for Med. range, -4 for Long. A Raise gives +1d6 damage.

Rate of Fire: Each shot may be at a different target. Only one Wild Die.

Damage: Add damage dice vs. Toughness. No Wild Die. Success = Shaken, Raises = Wounds.

Shaken: Can only perform free actions. Make a Spirit roll or spend a Benny to recover.
Success = unshaken but cannot act this round. Raise or Benny = unshaken and act normally.

Wounds: Each wounds gives -1 to Pace and Trait tests.

Soak: Spend a Benny and make a Vigor check. Success and each Raise cancels 1 wound.

Incapacitated: Vigor roll for death or injury. Each round, Vigor roll to stabilize or die.

Stealth Modifiers

Running -2 Dim light +1 Light cover +1
Crawling +2 Darkness +2 Medium cover +2
Pitch darkness +4 Heavy cover +4

Ranged Attack Modifiers

Range Cover Illumination
Short 0 Light -1 Dim -1
Medium -2 Medium -2 Dark -2 Targets invisible past 10”
Long -4 Prone -2 Pitch Dark -4 Target makes Stealth roll (-2 vs. auto-fire)
Heavy -4
Keyhole -6

Injury & Death

Incapacitated – Vigor Roll immediately Bleeding Out – Vigor Roll at start of round
≤ 1 Dead Failure Dead
Failure Permanently injured, Bleeding out Success Roll again next round
Success Injured until healed Raise Stabilized
Raise Injured for 24 hours
Injuries Guts Head
2d6 Injury 1d6 Effect 1d6 Effect
2 Goolies 1-2 Agility reduced 1-2 Hideous scar
3-4 Arm 3-4 Vigor reduced 3-4 Blind in one eye
5-9 Guts – roll 1d6 5-6 Strength reduced 5-6 Smarts reduced
10 Leg
11-12 Head – roll 1d6

Combat Basics

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