Misspent Youth


After the adrenaline of combat wore off, the mood inside the clubhouse was tense and uncertain. Only Puncho was in high spirits.

Bobby approached the troll. “So, you’re the new boss now, huh?”

“Yeah!” said Puncho, “And the first thing you’re gonna do is fix the TV so I can watch my cartoons.”

“No problem,” Bobby replied, “and we can put a TV in your office too.”

“My office! Right, I need an office, like Big Tony had.”

“Sure. And we’ll make sure you know what’s going on and, uh, give you advice and stuff.” Bobby didn’t seem nearly as excited about this as Puncho did.

“Don’t worry, Bobby.” Puncho clapped a huge paw between Bobby’s shoulders, knocking him forward a step. “With me in charge, the Red Street Panthers will be bigger and better than ever. Beer for everyone!”

Interlude #4

Brought to you by: Maizy’s Bar and Grill: A little touch of home in the Heart of Redmond

Government Announces End to Relief Efforts

Officials at FEMA today announced that they are suspending shipments of relief supplies to Redmond area after several food riots claimed the lives of nearly nearly two dozen agency workers and police. Agency spokeswoman Michelle Brown stated that the UCAS government was no longer prepared to “risk the lives of its employees and military personnel to enrich the SINless parasites preying on the good will of our fine citizens”. Ms. Brown was making reference to reports that crime organizations have been stealing relief shipments and selling them for massive profits to the desperate residents of the devastated region.

On a related note, UCAS military officials have released helmet-cam footage of the Hartman Park incident that sparked the food riots and cost the lives of five soldiers, four Lone Star officers and over two dozen Redmond residents. We warn viewers that the images are graphic and disturbing. The images clearly show several local gang members battling with security forces and stealing several vehicles even as the crowd surges forward to grab the desperately needed supplies. Officials have not yet released any information on the identities of the attackers, although there are unconfirmed reports that the pink and purple-clad troll seen in several shots may be former WWE competitor, Puncho Villa.

Tune in later today when we air an exclusive interview with Jocko Valins, the FEMA employee kidnapped from the Hartman Park riot, as he describes his harrowing ordeal at the hands of the brutal killers and his heroic escape in the face of overwhelming odds.

Interlude #3

The Panthers spend the next few weeks crammed into their temporary quarters (Raoul Chan’s Convenience Store for many, USB’s place for Bobby, Bobby’s mom, and Bobby’s girlfriend) while they lick their wounds and take stock.

With the majority of the Panthers’ turf reduced to smoking rubble, income is sparse and the usually bleak prospects of Redmond life become downright desperate. Despite some UCAS relief efforts to help the desperate residents of the district, there is little to support survival, let alone to steal.

Extra waits for a private moment to discuss the outcome of her request to collect the Yakuza dealer. She says little about the results but appears to be less than pleased at the description of the battle with SWAT, the gunfight in the van, and the abandonment of the mark in the chaos of the crash. When the story is completed, she merely stands and quietly walks out of the room. She remains busy and distant for the next week, and does not stay at the Convenience Store with the rest of the Panthers.

Interlude #2

As the three surviving Panthers stare out the front window of the bullet-riddled, blood soaked van at the blazing skyline of Redmond, questions hang in the air.

What the fuck do we do now?


Did any of the Red Street Panthers survive that?

What about Bobby’s mom and girlfriend?

Or Eddie and his little sister?

Is there even anything left of the neighborhood?

What do we do with the unconscious Yakuza in the van?

Interlude #1

After the battle with the West Wall Wildcats Wankers, and the deaths of Little Tony and Bladez, the gang is now under the control of Big Tony and his nasty body funk. BTF brings in a pair of goons as his “Lieutenants”, an ork (Hatchet) and a human (Extra), that none of the Red Street Panthers have seen before.

BTF blames Eddie and his crew for the death of Little Tony, and relegates the four to shit jobs in the neighborhood (shaking down small shops, cleaning up bodies, etc). Eddie’s crew is also left behind to babysit (the now onelegged) Blade and the crib while the rest of the gang raids the Wankers and kills their leader. The rest of the rival gang decides to take the sensible path and join the Panthers, doubling the size of the group.

Blade spends her time brooding and glaring at Bobby, whom she seems to hate even more than usual. Redball tries to ask her what happened, which results in the young woman flying into a rage and trying to give the former gang gopher (Eddie has now been relegated to that role) a new hole to shit from. Luckily, since she can’t chase him, the kid manages to get away unscathed and wisely decides not to bring the topic up again.

Between the gear from the dead Wankers, the inherited neighborhood control, and the stuff already in the former rivals’ headquarters, the Panthers make a tidy sum. BTF and his goons claim most of the prize, splitting the rest with the gang. Eddie’s crew gets a smaller share, mostly because Big Tony doesn’t like them, and ends up with 500¥ each.

Bobby spends two weeks lying in bed with his mother and USB looking after his medical care. Well, mostly USB, since Bobby’s mom only lasts a week before she finds her son’s 500¥ stash and goes on a BTL bender for the rest of the time. Still, Bobby gets his strength back and has a couple of cool scars on his shoulder to show off to the girls.

Things gone wrong

We’d been asked to collect the dues from Vitiello’s Groceries. Its more of a hole in the ground corner store but what more can you expect in the Barrens. As I pull up in front of the store, Puncho and Bobby are out the passenger side doors and into the shop before U-Sub and I can get around the car.

From what I saw Bobby threatened to clock Mr Vitiello with his baton. I don’t know what had been said before that and whether Mr Vitiello had resisted but I guess Puncho thought Bobby was going to attack and didn’t want to miss out on the “fun”. Puncho grabbed Mr Vitiello’s neck from behind and twisted. It made a sickening crunching sound joining in harmony with the chimes from the door I just opened.

I can’t really blame Puncho all that much, I mean he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, more like the rock you use to keep the door open or the rock you use to break the store window when you want to go in and loot.

So Bobby and I head to the back of the store while Puncho is supposed to be watching the front of the store and USB loots Mr Vitiello. I can hear Puncho saying “Give me your credit sticks or I’m going to pound you into the ground” to some of the stunned customers. When we get to the back of the store, we hear some noise coming from the back room and we call Puncho over. Puncho and Bobby head in and see this kid take off out the back door.

We get back to the crib and Big Tony is there asking about the nuyen so I lie and tell him that some kid had killed Mr Vitiello before we got there. Big Tony wants the kid’s head. So we figure well off one of the Wankers for BTF. We head over to their neighbourhood and have some trouble finding them. They end up setting an ambush for us and almost crush us with this mostly broken down van. We end up taking them out fairly easily and at least one of them died. Puncho grabs the kid and rips his head off. I puked behind the car not sure if anyone noticed. I swear if he does something like that again, I’m going to shoot him. Well not with my gun, I mean a big gun. A really big gun or maybe I could boost a big van and crush him with it.

So we bring the head to BTF and he’s pissed about that too and wants us to clean up the mess.

A couple of days later, Suicide Bob notices Blade has been missing for a few days. Puncho tries calling her commlink and after the third try actually gets an answer. Its a guy who asks who it is but a girl screams in the background and the link goes dead. So I get another car and USB starts trying to track the commlink signal. It ends up that its in another gangs territory the 164s. All of our commlinks go off calling us back to the crib but we need to keep going after Blade. The signal seems to come from the rundown courthouse building and we follow it into the basement.

Blade is chained to the wall in a slaughter house room. It looks like someone has ripped off one of her legs. I almost throw up again. I pick one of the locks on the chains but my lockpick breaks in the second one. Puncho doesn’t have any luck breaking the chain, and then we hear voices towards the exit where we came in.

About 5 ghouls come in and Puncho and Bobby start kicking their butts. Bobby seems to be handling them pretty good and Puncho is acting like a punching bag, taking the blows without noticing. We eventually finish them off but Bobby is down and U-sub can’t figure out his new healing kit. I guess I still remember some things that my dad taught me and I manage to stabilize Bobby.

USB grabs Blade, Puncho grabs Bobby and we manage to make it to the car. We head back to the headquarters and the Wankers are there exchanging gunfire with our boys. Puncho jumps out the door just before I crunch two of the Wankers with the car then spin the car back around to get another one. I run over a fourth next to the building. Puncho has finished off a couple of them and the few remaining gangers surrender. First smart thing any of them have ever done…

Tax Refund

Looks like half of the gang is crashing at my crib after a bit of solo crash and grab work by Bobby and Eddie went south. Eddie seems to be yammering on about some bad acid trip or something.

Now I didn’t always run with this crew. I was part of a real crew in the Puyallup called Rock Salt. They had street cred! I had just joined on the last day of their existence. See we was planning some assault on this other gang called the Rockers. I guess cause some ex-skank of the boss named P-Bunny or something left him and joined the Rockers.
Even back then USB was wiz with a commlink, so they had me knocking out the Rocker’s security cams and commlinks from the matrix while the rest of Rock Salt attacked. Word on the street is either Lone Star wiped out the Rockers and Rock Salt or that the Rockers wiped out Rock Salt who in turn was wiped out by Lone Star. But the chip truth is this group of Shadowrunner screwed everything up creating a blood bath between Rock Salt, Rockers, and Lone Pig. Even got the video to prove it, somewhere.

Without a gang, I hit a rough spot and ended up joining Bobby, Curtis, Eddie, and Puncho. Now we are starting up our own gang and claiming some turf. We just need some start up cash. Hopefully this mass commlink message will score me some more cash. Other ones have paid for the bills so far. A last quick scan of the message

Subject: Tax Notification

We are pleased to inform you that upon review of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of 246.30¥ under section 501 © (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 3-6 days in order to process it.

To get your refund, please access the IRS e-file form.

IRS e-file form

Note: For security reasons, we will record your matrix-address, the date and time. Deliberate wrong inputs are criminally pursued and indicted.

Note: Because this letter could help resolve any questions regarding your exempt status, you should keep it in your permanent records.

David Morgan
Director, Tax Refunds Department

and SEND.

I turn to Eddie

“Hmmm, you could have been seeing a spirit, must have been seeing in astral.”

I don’t bother to tell him that my information coming from some old matrix games and trid shows. After all, what do I know about magic.

Bad Acid Trip

“You know those things that I started noticing lately, what you are calling Adept powers?”

USB looks vaguely in my direction while doing something or other in VR with his commlink. He’s probably hacking some pr0n site to get full free access.

“I don’t know if this is related but the other day I was out on a joyride. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden my vision got this overlay like with AR.”

“Sweet, got in.”

“But I was driving down the 405 and took the 8th St exit in Bellevue going past BoA(Bank of America), when I saw this strange cloud like thing flying past.”

USB finally looks right at me as if he finally hears me.

“It went right through the truck in front of me and then started to rise and turned round the corner. I must have been paying too much attention to it because this guy started honking, I looked towards him and there was this angry red aura around him while he was smashing the horn. I spun through my turn to follow the cloud thing and it seemed to be circling the building. It was fragging weird, kind of like a bad acid trip. I stopped by the side of the road for a couple of minutes and my vision was back to normal.”

“Hmmm, you could have been seeing a spirit, must have been seeing in astral.”

“You mean that fragging mage stuff? I don’t want to see the crap they get up to.”


I’m picking up my backpack and getting ready to head out, grab a car and go pick up Bobby when Mom bangs on my door.

“I’m heading out on a date. Watch Sharon while I’m gone.”

“Mom, I’m just on my way out to meet a friend downtown.”

“Listen Eddie, he’s tall, dark, and handsome, and paying. I’m out the door. Watch her!”

I grab my commlink and go to the living room where Sharon is surfing something or other on the TV.

“Looks like you’re with me for the evening, kid. I need to go pick up a friend downtown. Get your stuff.”

“I don’t want to go. I’m not done my game.”

“Look, we’ll pick up a pizza on the way back.”

“Yay pizza!!”

So we head out the door, Sharon’s still playing her game on her commlink. I stop next to a car and start hacking. I get the doors unlocked and start to open the back door for Sharon, she peers up from her commlink.

“Why are you stealing Mr. Gmernicki’s car?”

“I’m borrowing it.”

“Why didn’t he give you the keys?”

“I’m practicing my computer skills. Practice makes perfect. Isn’t that what they tell you in school?”

“Yeah, right.”

We drive downtown and I spot Bobby on the opposite side of the road. Looks like he had company but the last guy is backing his way down the alley. I whip the car across several lanes of traffic and pull the car to a stop with screeching tires. As Bobby turns, the rival ganger turns and runs. Bobby jumps in and I punch it out of there.

“Thanks, Eddie. You’re just in time.”

“Always, chummer. Looks like you made a mess back there.”

Bobby looks back. A crowd was gathering.


Sharon looks up from her commlink.

“What did he mess up? I didn’t see”

Intro: Bobby

Bobby Bangs stood on the corner, his mind wandering as he waited for Eddie to pick him up. He was worried about money. Between rent, food and a busted commlink, he’d come up short and had to pawn his favorite blade. His mom was no help, she spent all day whacked on beetle.

Suddenly, Bobby heard a voice close behind him.

“Adios, motherfucker.”

Bobby spun around and was reaching for his knife before he even realized what has happening. His neural implants had kicked in – he still wasn’t used to that. He saw the rival gang’s colors but didn’t look at the faces as he dodged a knife and stabbed back with his own. With his other hand, Bobby delivered a baton blow to someone’s knee and followed up with a smack to the back of the head. The third ganger was already backing away when Bobby turned to him.

A screech of tires announced Eddie’s arrival. As usual, Bobby didn’t recognize the car but there was no mistaking the way it was driven. Bobby jumped in and Eddie punched it.

“Thanks, Eddie. You’re just in time.”

“Always, chummer. Looks like you made a mess back there.”

Bobby looked back as they rounded the corner and glimpsed a pool of blood spreading from one of the still forms on the sidewalk. A crowd was gathering.



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