Name: Uriel Sebastian Bach Alias: USB, USub, UnSub
Concept: Lucky Adept Hacker Rank: Novice Experience: 0
Race: Human Profession: Gutter Punk Languages: Cityspeak
Age: 17 Height: 170 cm Weight: 60 kg


Agility d8 Charisma 0 Fighting d6
Smarts d6 Pace 6 Notice d6 +2
Spirit d8 Parry 5 Knowledge (Programming) d4
Strength d4 Toughness 5 Shooting d6
Vigor d6 Power Pts 10 Stealth d6
Investigation d6
Hacking d6
Healing d6



Luck Major: Overconfident
Great Luck Minor: Loyal

Minor: Vengence

Magical Background (Adept)
Power Type Cost Description
Improved Reflexes Active 4

Allows one extra action per combat round without a Multi-action Penalty.
Does not supercede limitations on repeated actions in a round (pg 66)

Boost Trait (Vigor) Active 2 Increase Vigor by one die for 2 minutes (3 on a raise).
Enhanced Perception Passive 2 Gives permanent +2 to Notice checks.
Boost Trait (Strength) Active 2 Increase Strength by one die for 2 minutes (3 on a raise).




Uriel Sabastian Bach Aka USB, aka Unlucky Sonova Biovat

USB has so much luck he’s become overconfident in his abilities. In fact, he is convinced that his real skill is much higher than it truly is and that it is only these sporadic bursts of bad luck (when not using bennies) that is keeping him down.


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