Bobby Bangs

“I got your back, chummer”

Concept: Street Samurai Rank: Novice Experience: 0
Race: Human Profession: none Languages: Cityspeak
Age: 16 Height: 175 cm Weight: 73 kg


Agility d8 Charisma 0 Fighting d10
Smarts d4 Pace 6 Intimidation d4
Spirit d6 Parry 7 Knowledge (Weapons) d4
Strength d8 Toughness 7/8 Shooting d8
Vigor d6 w/o armor 5 Stealth d6
Essence 1 Streetwise d4
Throwing d6
Luck Major: Wanted
Two-Fisted Minor: Loyal
Cyber Upgrades Minor: Dependent (Mother with BTL addiction)
Type Armor Wt. Type Qual. Ess.
Lined Coat Torso +2 / +3 10 Wired Reflexes 1 Bio Street 1


Range Damage AP RoF Mag. Wt. Notes
Baton melee St+d4+1 1
Combat Knife melee St+d6 2
Throwing Knife 3/6/12 St+d4 1 2
Colt America L36 12/24/48 2d6 1 15 4 Light pistol; semi-auto; -2 to Notice
Ares Predator SP 12/24/48 2d6+1 1 1 8 6 Heavy pistol; semi-auto; no smartgun


Num. Wt. Notes
Bullets – Regular 35
Bullets – Gel 10 Fatigue damage, soak with Vigor or Spirit
Spare Clips 2 1 for each pistol
Concealable Holsters 2 -2 to Notice
Commlink – LG Optimus 17 Transformers 60th anniversary edition; with trodes

140 ¥


a.k.a. Bang-Bang, Robert Rodriguez

Bobby grew up on the streets of Seattle, where he had to fight to keep life and limb together. He started running with other neighborhood kids and developed quite a talent for mayhem. He has a keen interest in weapons and physical augmentation, and has managed to get some enhancements by working part-time at a local bodyshop.

Bobby takes care of his BTL-addicted mother. He had been living with her, until he killed a rival banger in a streetfight. Now the Lone Pig is after him and he has to lay low.

Bobby Bangs

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