Misspent Youth


Intro: Bobby

Bobby Bangs stood on the corner, his mind wandering as he waited for Eddie to pick him up. He was worried about money. Between rent, food and a busted commlink, he’d come up short and had to pawn his favorite blade. His mom was no help, she spent all day whacked on beetle.

Suddenly, Bobby heard a voice close behind him.

“Adios, motherfucker.”

Bobby spun around and was reaching for his knife before he even realized what has happening. His neural implants had kicked in – he still wasn’t used to that. He saw the rival gang’s colors but didn’t look at the faces as he dodged a knife and stabbed back with his own. With his other hand, Bobby delivered a baton blow to someone’s knee and followed up with a smack to the back of the head. The third ganger was already backing away when Bobby turned to him.

A screech of tires announced Eddie’s arrival. As usual, Bobby didn’t recognize the car but there was no mistaking the way it was driven. Bobby jumped in and Eddie punched it.

“Thanks, Eddie. You’re just in time.”

“Always, chummer. Looks like you made a mess back there.”

Bobby looked back as they rounded the corner and glimpsed a pool of blood spreading from one of the still forms on the sidewalk. A crowd was gathering.



Someday, I’ll be able to afford my own car rather than have to “borrow” the communal ones in the neighborhood.


Any white car is fair game.

DSMfive DSMfive

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