Misspent Youth

Things gone wrong

We’d been asked to collect the dues from Vitiello’s Groceries. Its more of a hole in the ground corner store but what more can you expect in the Barrens. As I pull up in front of the store, Puncho and Bobby are out the passenger side doors and into the shop before U-Sub and I can get around the car.

From what I saw Bobby threatened to clock Mr Vitiello with his baton. I don’t know what had been said before that and whether Mr Vitiello had resisted but I guess Puncho thought Bobby was going to attack and didn’t want to miss out on the “fun”. Puncho grabbed Mr Vitiello’s neck from behind and twisted. It made a sickening crunching sound joining in harmony with the chimes from the door I just opened.

I can’t really blame Puncho all that much, I mean he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, more like the rock you use to keep the door open or the rock you use to break the store window when you want to go in and loot.

So Bobby and I head to the back of the store while Puncho is supposed to be watching the front of the store and USB loots Mr Vitiello. I can hear Puncho saying “Give me your credit sticks or I’m going to pound you into the ground” to some of the stunned customers. When we get to the back of the store, we hear some noise coming from the back room and we call Puncho over. Puncho and Bobby head in and see this kid take off out the back door.

We get back to the crib and Big Tony is there asking about the nuyen so I lie and tell him that some kid had killed Mr Vitiello before we got there. Big Tony wants the kid’s head. So we figure well off one of the Wankers for BTF. We head over to their neighbourhood and have some trouble finding them. They end up setting an ambush for us and almost crush us with this mostly broken down van. We end up taking them out fairly easily and at least one of them died. Puncho grabs the kid and rips his head off. I puked behind the car not sure if anyone noticed. I swear if he does something like that again, I’m going to shoot him. Well not with my gun, I mean a big gun. A really big gun or maybe I could boost a big van and crush him with it.

So we bring the head to BTF and he’s pissed about that too and wants us to clean up the mess.

A couple of days later, Suicide Bob notices Blade has been missing for a few days. Puncho tries calling her commlink and after the third try actually gets an answer. Its a guy who asks who it is but a girl screams in the background and the link goes dead. So I get another car and USB starts trying to track the commlink signal. It ends up that its in another gangs territory the 164s. All of our commlinks go off calling us back to the crib but we need to keep going after Blade. The signal seems to come from the rundown courthouse building and we follow it into the basement.

Blade is chained to the wall in a slaughter house room. It looks like someone has ripped off one of her legs. I almost throw up again. I pick one of the locks on the chains but my lockpick breaks in the second one. Puncho doesn’t have any luck breaking the chain, and then we hear voices towards the exit where we came in.

About 5 ghouls come in and Puncho and Bobby start kicking their butts. Bobby seems to be handling them pretty good and Puncho is acting like a punching bag, taking the blows without noticing. We eventually finish them off but Bobby is down and U-sub can’t figure out his new healing kit. I guess I still remember some things that my dad taught me and I manage to stabilize Bobby.

USB grabs Blade, Puncho grabs Bobby and we manage to make it to the car. We head back to the headquarters and the Wankers are there exchanging gunfire with our boys. Puncho jumps out the door just before I crunch two of the Wankers with the car then spin the car back around to get another one. I run over a fourth next to the building. Puncho has finished off a couple of them and the few remaining gangers surrender. First smart thing any of them have ever done…


It seems strange that Big Tony wasn’t there when the Wankers attacked our HQ. He must’ve got the call, same as us, and we managed to get there before the fighting was over even though two of us couldn’t walk.

And what’s with these new guys he brought in? Does anybody know them?

Things gone wrong
DSMfive Mazula

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