Misspent Youth

Interlude #3

The Panthers spend the next few weeks crammed into their temporary quarters (Raoul Chan’s Convenience Store for many, USB’s place for Bobby, Bobby’s mom, and Bobby’s girlfriend) while they lick their wounds and take stock.

With the majority of the Panthers’ turf reduced to smoking rubble, income is sparse and the usually bleak prospects of Redmond life become downright desperate. Despite some UCAS relief efforts to help the desperate residents of the district, there is little to support survival, let alone to steal.

Extra waits for a private moment to discuss the outcome of her request to collect the Yakuza dealer. She says little about the results but appears to be less than pleased at the description of the battle with SWAT, the gunfight in the van, and the abandonment of the mark in the chaos of the crash. When the story is completed, she merely stands and quietly walks out of the room. She remains busy and distant for the next week, and does not stay at the Convenience Store with the rest of the Panthers.


Bobby doesn’t like the way the gang took off and left Blade inside the burning clubhouse. He’ll talk to some of the other guys about it (“What the hell happened? What were you thinking?”) but he won’t say anything directly to Big Tony or his sidekicks.

Interlude #3
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