Misspent Youth

Interlude #2

As the three surviving Panthers stare out the front window of the bullet-riddled, blood soaked van at the blazing skyline of Redmond, questions hang in the air.

What the fuck do we do now?


Did any of the Red Street Panthers survive that?

What about Bobby’s mom and girlfriend?

Or Eddie and his little sister?

Is there even anything left of the neighborhood?

What do we do with the unconscious Yakuza in the van?


And who was that scantily-clad chick riding a motorcycle directly toward the impact point?

Interlude #2

And since this is ALL BOBBY’S FAULT, it’s his mess so HE can clean it up. and bury his friends. and while he is doing that he can think about doing stupid things in smal spaces, or knowcking out the big guy instead of the small fish. Bobby has a lot of thinking to do. Except of course he is dumber than Puncho and can’t think. ah well, another quality learning opportunity missed …

Interlude #2

It wasn’t Bobby’s idea to invite three armed men into our van. If Curtis thought we were going to get out of that van without a fight, he was the stupid one.

Interlude #2

Smart would have been making sure that yoru companions were UNTIED before starting shooting and killing so that they could have helped you!

Interlude #2

Smart would have been making sure Eddie wasn’t in the van first, oh right he wasn’t. Good thinking!

Interlude #2
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