Misspent Youth

Interlude #1

After the battle with the West Wall Wildcats Wankers, and the deaths of Little Tony and Bladez, the gang is now under the control of Big Tony and his nasty body funk. BTF brings in a pair of goons as his “Lieutenants”, an ork (Hatchet) and a human (Extra), that none of the Red Street Panthers have seen before.

BTF blames Eddie and his crew for the death of Little Tony, and relegates the four to shit jobs in the neighborhood (shaking down small shops, cleaning up bodies, etc). Eddie’s crew is also left behind to babysit (the now onelegged) Blade and the crib while the rest of the gang raids the Wankers and kills their leader. The rest of the rival gang decides to take the sensible path and join the Panthers, doubling the size of the group.

Blade spends her time brooding and glaring at Bobby, whom she seems to hate even more than usual. Redball tries to ask her what happened, which results in the young woman flying into a rage and trying to give the former gang gopher (Eddie has now been relegated to that role) a new hole to shit from. Luckily, since she can’t chase him, the kid manages to get away unscathed and wisely decides not to bring the topic up again.

Between the gear from the dead Wankers, the inherited neighborhood control, and the stuff already in the former rivals’ headquarters, the Panthers make a tidy sum. BTF and his goons claim most of the prize, splitting the rest with the gang. Eddie’s crew gets a smaller share, mostly because Big Tony doesn’t like them, and ends up with 500¥ each.

Bobby spends two weeks lying in bed with his mother and USB looking after his medical care. Well, mostly USB, since Bobby’s mom only lasts a week before she finds her son’s 500¥ stash and goes on a BTL bender for the rest of the time. Still, Bobby gets his strength back and has a couple of cool scars on his shoulder to show off to the girls.


Bladez – Was that the only one who liked Curtis?

Interlude #1

No, turns out it’s Blade who likes Curtis, and she’s still mostly alive. Well, at least we won’t confusing those two any more.

Why does Blade hate me anyway? It’s Eddie’s fault she got a face full of beer, not mine.

Interlude #1

Puncho’s fault, he carried in the case…

Interlude #1
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