Misspent Youth


After the adrenaline of combat wore off, the mood inside the clubhouse was tense and uncertain. Only Puncho was in high spirits.

Bobby approached the troll. “So, you’re the new boss now, huh?”

“Yeah!” said Puncho, “And the first thing you’re gonna do is fix the TV so I can watch my cartoons.”

“No problem,” Bobby replied, “and we can put a TV in your office too.”

“My office! Right, I need an office, like Big Tony had.”

“Sure. And we’ll make sure you know what’s going on and, uh, give you advice and stuff.” Bobby didn’t seem nearly as excited about this as Puncho did.

“Don’t worry, Bobby.” Puncho clapped a huge paw between Bobby’s shoulders, knocking him forward a step. “With me in charge, the Red Street Panthers will be bigger and better than ever. Beer for everyone!”


DSMfive Len17

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